Friday, 1/27/17, 11:16 PM

My name is ian, I have lived in sobriety 1st for a year now, and honestly if it wasn’t for this program is would never know what true life unchained from the depths of addiction is truly is. I’m so grateful for Ronnie and Sheri for accepting me into this amazing family, cause that’s what it is in this, family, I love the house I am in, the way I was able to learn how to truly live a manageable life is truly priceless. I would recommend this program for anyone looking to really make a dramatic change in self and in life to receive the help and stability to live in recovery. I love this place and cherish it with all my heart

From: Aurora Co


Monday, 5/23/16, 3:43 PM

6 months of freedom today. 6 months ago I was living in a truck encompassed by chaos and lost in misery and terror. Today I live a live free from obsession, and full of hope faith and serenity. I never dreamed any of this was possible. Just want to say thanks to Ronie Rene’ Fuller, Sheri Blosser, Sarah Flaming, and Robert Peasley for giving me a solid foundation to start my journey. I will be eternally grateful for you guys as well as the beautiful women from the Harley and Lily house. You all have been a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for showing me light and love when all I knew was darkness and fear. Love you all dearly 😘


Sunday, 4/3/16, 12:56 PM

Sobriety 1st has been an amazing experience for me. Ive made some life-long friendships and learned some life-long lessons. Ive come so far and I owe so much credit to the beginning of my recovery journey to the Sobriety 1st community. I’ve started to do the things I love again. I’ve started to find who I am and who I want to be. My life is far from perfect, and I’m going through an extremely difficult transition, but I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this family, and know I have so many shoulders to lean on! Wish me luck on my next phase guys! And this is not goodbye in no way, shape or form. I love you all so, so much!


Thursday, 3/24/16, 7:11 AM

2 1/2 years ago I decided my life needed to change. I decided the way I was living was no longer worth it. Going to treatment then ultimately coming to S1 has saved my life in more ways than I can ever describe. It’s not just the staff or the program or the people in a single form, but it’s the combination of it all. I am where I am today because of my sponsor, my program, and all the people i surround myself with that love me when I’m unable to love myself, and my willingness to follow their direction because my way has stopped working a long time ago. Today I am so blessed and grateful to be where I am and I owe so many thanks to so many people. My worst day sober is still far better than my best day using. This whole is possible as long as I remain honest, open minded, and willing to continue doing the next right thing…. I love you all and I’m so incredibly blessed. Have a great night!


Thursday, 3/17/16, 7:31 AM

I toured ur facilities yesterday and was blown away by how nice your homes are and how incredible the staff is…thank you for having me and I look forward to our sending clients your way

From: Colorado


Friday, 10/16/15, 2:47 AM

I am beyond words how hard you staff works to meet some many personal needs. Thank you it really is very heart-warming to be a part of this program. My new sober life is completely priceless I’m so happy 🙂


Sunday, 8/23/15, 12:07 AM

This is the best summer I’ve ever had in my life! Your program is amazing thank u for welcoming me!

From: Aurora


Monday, 6/8/15, 12:05 PM

Today marks the two year celebration for the family that literally saved my life! No words can describe the gratitude I have for this program! Happy bday sobriety1st and I look forward to seeing this priceless organization work miracles every day in thousands of lives 🙂


Monday, 3/16/15, 2:23 PM

You and your program have been the pieces to success in my Recovery that I have been missing for the last 15 years. The community and love that I feel are the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. This will be a life long bond between us. this is just the beginning and I am so grateful that you are finally a part of my life. I don’t have the words to describe the respect and love for you!

From: Aurora

Monday, 3/16/15, 2:20 PM

I just wanted to tell you once again, thank you for everything for the last five months. I believe S1st was the best step for me after rehab and a great way to be able to get back on my feet. I believe Ronie, Sheri, Peasley and everyone in the sobriety family were so supportive in keeping me accountable for focusing on the things that are important. You guys certainly have a great program and a great program of people whom really have a lot to benefit from. The 20th of this month will mark my 6th month sober date, and I really have you and the program to thank for that. If you can remember one of the first meetings we sat down we had about my accountability I think I had told you that I was hoping to be thrown out of the program. I am really happy for the time and the people I met there, and know everything in the future will be possible with the foundation that was laid out for me. I would still love to keep in touch. I am working on getting my funding for school, I am going to be starting my CAC classes over the summer and plan to get my degree in social work, so if there is ever a hand I can lend to the S1 cause, please let me know. I was lucky enough to find a place downtown, it is just a studio, but feel like it is an ideal location to take advantage of a lot of the programs they have downtown. I never really looked at Denver as a place to call home, but now it seems like the perfect place for a new start. I would still love to stay connected to the program and hope everything is well for you. I will make sure to recommend S1 to anyone in need of a safe place for a fresh start. I am going to be going back up to Serenity every now and then, so I will put a good word in for the candidates looking for sober living places.

From: Aurora

Wednesday, 3/11/15, 12:50 AM

Its safe to say I need a structured environment I do struggle much of the time. with my new coping skills i am managing but not progressing. Also working threw Drug court attending groups threw M.H.D.H comes with expectations I have landed a few jobs now but cant except any without some order in my life I am attempting to get a chance the program and a bed please contact me if the possibility arises Thank you for your time.

From: Denver, Colo

Monday, 2/23/15, 1:51 AM

Blessed! Love this family

Saturday, 10/18/14, 11:56 PM

The path to recovery isn’t easy and is a different journey for all of us….an unpredictable, mysterious path that comes one day at a time. I’ve done the attempt at self recovery, multiple rehabs, and other sober living programs, but NOTHING has been as miraculous as Sobriety 1st!!!! Not only have they embraced myself and my husband with open loving arms, but they have also allowed me to have a safe, loving place to spend time with my children….something that is in integral part of my recovery! Addiction DESTROYED every aspect of my life and Sobriety 1st is helping me to rebuild it beyond my expectations. In a time when trust was lost from everywhere around me, I receive unconditional support and always know the owners and staff in sobriety first have faith and love in me, while still expecting accountability!! I don’t know where I would be today without Sobriety 1st. Love to you ALL!!!

From: Aurora

Wednesday, 9/24/14, 8:17 AM

I learned about sobriety first during my in patient treatment at Parker valley hope. Since entering the program I have gained so many tools and confidence to live a happy, healthy, sober life! During my addiction I felt so much fear, loneliness and despair that I never imagined could be reversed. Pairing this healthy living environment with a 12 step component had been imperative for me to restore my faith in myself and a life worth living. I LOVE coming home to a house of supportive and loving women that continue to be a daily reprieve for my internal struggles. I certainly could not have begun this journey alone and am so grateful for all the the life long friends I have made. My life is forever changed for the better. Thank you so much.

From: Denver transplant from Missouri

Wednesday, 9/24/14, 7:21 AM

My experience with Sobriety 1st has been nothing short of wonderful. I have been in another sober living where it was nothing but stress over unrealistic expectations. Here at Sobriety 1st I feel welcome and this program is ran more like a family where interaction with other people in the program is encourage, whether it be male or family. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is seeking to change their lives from addiction to a new way to live and needs the support Sobriety 1st offers

From: Sam G. Aurora, CO

Wednesday, 9/24/14, 7:14 AM

Sobriety 1st has been such an integral and valuable asset to my recovery and life over this last year. As of today 9/24/2014 I celebrate 1 year of sobriety which I no we a large part of to this program roe helping me find a better way of living and for giving me the opportunity to grow into the person my higher power wants me to be. I Love the Sobriety 1st Family wi5h my all!!!

From: Littleton

Sunday, 9/21/14, 9:17 PM

Absolutely love it here! Thank u so much for having me, I knew right away I had made the right decision 🙂

From: Centennial, Co.

Monday, 8/11/14, 6:04 PM

thank you sobriety 1st for your never ending commitment to helping people transition from addiction to living a sober and productive life. I’ve never seen a team of people so dedicated to helping others.24hrs a day 7 days a week… the whatever it takes attitude shows the true compassion for addicts I was looking for…keep it up

From: centennial

Sunday, 8/10/14, 1:16 PM

The people at Sobriety First are amazing! Not only do they work their tails off but they have their hearts in everything they do. Every interaction I’ve had with the owners and tenants of Sobriety First has been a positive one, it’s like a family here and I’m really lucky to be apart of it. I hope more people can find a place like Sobriety First. In addition, the yards to the houses aways look beautiful, making each house feel like home.

From: Aurora

Monday, 7/7/14, 7:17 PM

So blessed to be a part of this new family thank u all for everything for the first time I feel hope and welcomed thank u all so much!

From: Aurora


Wednesday, 4/23/14, 7:46 AM

In all my years of addiction and hopeless ness I never imagined that right now I would be loved and cared for in all the ways sobriety 1st gives effortlessly 🙂 you guys have given me a new way of life and continually support me in any direction I find to be more valuable. You guys never give up on any of us!! I have a family worth fighting for here I can’t thank you ALL for strengthening my heart and will power. My sobriety becomes easier everyday because of this program. Thanking you is all I have right now. You guys are the best 🙂

From: Aurora

Tuesday, 4/15/14, 6:10 PM

Sobriety 1st has helped change my life in ways I never would have imagined and given me opportunities I would have never thought possible. Holdin it down in the Anchor House!!!

From: Aurora, CO

Tuesday, 4/8/14, 2:32 PM

Looooove my family here!!! Thank u guys for everything u do 🙂

From: Aurora, Co.

Tuesday, 3/4/14, 8:05 PM

Sobriety 1st played a vital role in my transition in becoming a productive and happy member of society. The structure and support I received was outstanding and I cannot thank everyone in the program enough for playing such an active role in my recovery. The houses are beautiful, well kept and in great locations, allowing for easy access to bus routes for anyone who is struggling to get back on their feet. In the 6 months that I stayed in Sobriety 1st I was able to get a solid foundation not only in my recovery, but emotionally, physically and financially as well. I want to send an extra huge thank you to the owners, who without, I would not be in the great place in my life that I am in today. <3 ya’ll

From: Elizabeth, CO

Tuesday, 2/4/14, 3:07 PM

Soooo blessed today to be apart of this family and thank u to everyone in this program who helped me out over this last hard month I love u all 🙂

Tuesday, 12/24/13, 8:04 AM

Merry Christmas to my family at sobriety 1st because of ur help I get to spend my first holiday season sober and happy I love u all so much God bless each one of u I can’t wait for our party tomorrow 🙂

From: Aurora, Co.

Monday, 12/16/13, 5:07 AM

To my Sobriety 1st Family, To my dearest friends, I love you all. You’ve held me up when I started to fall. My time spent here I will always hold close to my heart with the moments I cherish most. Perfect strangers brought together by unexplained fate, we dropped our masks, we owned our mistakes. Through valleys low and hilltops high, we, TOGETHER, will rich the sky! It pains me to do this, but it’s my time to go, You’ll be in my prayers and I will miss you so. I’ll remember you fondly when I hear a soft tune, this is not goodbye, but rather see you soon! I love you all! “We are not meant for comfort: We are meant for Greatness”! ~Stay Strong~

From: Aurora, CO

Saturday, 11/16/13, 9:10 AM

I want to express my gratitude and love for the place I have been blessed to call home. Every moment of everyday I have been given this wonderful opportunity since I became apart of sobriety 1st family. Choosing to come into the program in itself was a decision thought scary and exciting all the same. But it’s the friends and leaders of this family I can always come too without fear or hesitation. I love you all. You have helped me through my darkest times and have lead me to brighter days. Thanking you all is just the beginning. Please never stop givin back to this community.

From: Aurora, CO.

Saturday, 9/21/13, 9:05 AM

Never in my life have I had friends like these I feel so blessed and first the first time in along time have hope for my sobriety thanks to you 🙂

From: Aurora, Co.


Tuesday, 9/3/13, 3:31 PM

You ladies are amazing! I want everyone to get what I did out of your program! Thank you for everything you’ve done! I think it’s time and someone else who really needs some extra support and a great place to be right into recovery deserves to have that chance!

Tuesday, 8/27/13, 6:31 AM

You run sober living how its supposed to be. And being understanding with life, jobs, kids is a huge part to sobriety that other sober living companies didn’t give a crap at all about so it means so much! I love you guys!

Monday, 8/26/13, 6:49 AM

Thank you! It is exactly what I need. The ups and downs to grow into the person I know I can and am going to be!


Thursday, 8/22/13, 8:13 AM

I am full of gratitude today!! I had no idea I could feel all of these emotions and have such an amazing support system. Thank you Ronie for this opportunity. It is saving my life!

From: Aurora, CO

Monday, 8/19/13, 4:44 AM

Thank you for all that you do! I know it’s A LOT but you are making a huge difference in my life. I am grateful for you 🙂

From: Aurora, CO

Monday, 8/19/13, 4:41 AM

We appreciate you, you really help out with this sober living and I am sooooo incredibly happy here!

From: Aurora, CO


Sunday, 6/30/13, 7:38 PM

I pray that your higher power will guide you to the freedom that you so richly deserve, so that you can enjoy all of life’s beauty.

From: aurora, Colorado


Friday, 6/28/13, 9:45 PM

You Guys are amazing 🙂

From: Aurora, Colorado

Friday, 6/28/13, 3:01 PM

This is so wonderful – “Start everyday with new hope, leave bad memories behind and have a better tomorrow”. Keo Donohue

From: Aurora, Colorado


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