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Jon Steffey, Executive Director
Christy Kazmeroff, N.P. – Medical Director
Patrice Lloyd, MA, CACIII, MAC – Clinical Director
Jeff Ladson, CACII

Sobriety 1st CREW Recovery offers our day treatment program to anyone seeking an unparalleled therapeutic treatment experience! Our philosophy is 12 Step based at our core; however, we pride ourselves in combining many different treatment models to fit individual needs. We emphasize our focus on family systems, trauma, dual diagnosis, and attachments. We believe that treatment HAS to be an individualized experience, and that there is no cookie-cutter path to long term recovery.

Sobriety 1st CREW Recovery is a fun and exciting, outside the box approach to early recovery! Our center is conveniently located off I-225 and Iliff, just a few minute walk from the light rail station! For those individuals living in our sober living homes, transportation to and from day treatment will be provided.

Our day treatment program is designed for individuals who require a high level of therapeutic structure and accountability, but still want to enjoy the treatment process. We believe recovery HAS to be engaging and fun; yes, FUN! At Sobriety 1st CREW Recovery, we go beyond the confines of typical treatment programming, and engage our clients in the same manner as which we would for ourselves, or our family members.

Sobriety 1st CREW Recovery day treatment meets Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Utilizing a combination of group therapy sessions, multiple weekly individual sessions, an abundance of experiential therapy encounters, workshops, life skills coaching, transitional preparation (including vocational), as well as random urine drug screens and breathalyzer testing; our day treatment program provides the necessary environment for success in early recovery. We offer comprehensive treatment for both mental health and substance abuse issues. We also accept most insurance policies. Please call for further details. 

At Sobriety First CREW Recovery, we believe in employing an entire clinical team to care for each individual we serve. Every client of our day treatment program will have a psychologist AND a psychiatrist, serving as the backbone of their clinical team. With endless clinical resources, and an emphasis on community recovery involvement, we believe there is no better place to begin the path to long term recovery than at Sobriety 1st CREW Recovery!

Please read on to the continuing care and transitional services we offer; helping each individual we serve become part of the Sobriety 1st family, for life!

Intensive Out Patient

IOP Offers continuing care

(IOP) Intensive Out-Patient

Sobriety 1st CREW Recovery IOP is in place to serve as a step down option for individuals completing day treatment or primary treatment. Our IOP offers continuing care and an ongoing accountability structure to individuals in early recovery, and provides them with a therapeutically safe environment to remain engaged in their recovery throughout the transition back to their everyday life. Our center is conveniently located off I-225 and Iliff, just a few minute walk from the light rail station!

Our IOP meets in a group therapy format on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm. Along with these sessions, each individual will have a single one on one session with their primary therapist once per week.

Sobriety 1st CREW Recovery IOP offers each client the opportunity to engage in community recovery by attending 12 step meetings together, as well as engaging in special community events hosted by Sobriety 1st; such as BBQs, picnics, sober sports leagues, sober parties, and holiday get-togethers. At Sobriety 1st, WE ARE FAMILY! The encouragement and emphasis on our family structure is paramount in building the foundation for long term recovery for EVERY individual we serve! Sobriety 1st CREW Recovery offers the most vital component missing from the majority of treatment programs today; ENJOYMENT!

Please read on to the after care and transitional services we offer; helping each individual we serve become part of the Sobriety 1st family, for life! 

Relapse Prevention

Providing ongoing accountability structure

Aurora Relapse Prevention (RP) / Generalized Outpatient Program (GOP)

Sobriety 1st Crew Recovery Relapse Prevention/GOP serves as a step down option for individuals completing IOP, or individuals that require a less intensive level of care. Our RP/GOP provides individuals with an ongoing accountability structure, as well as continuing to develop their tools and resources necessary to help prevent relapse post treatment, and that wish to remain engaged in treatment as they solidify their foundation for long term recovery. Our RP/GOP offers therapy and role play centered around understanding potential relapse triggers and unsafe environments. The goal is to gain and utilize the prevention techniques and coping mechanisms necessary to feel comfortable and confident when dealing with life on life’s terms.

Our RP/GOP consists of one individual session per week with the client’s primary therapist, as well as one group therapy session of their choosing every other week. RP/GOP clients can play a vital part in our alumni groups, and can continue their growth in recovery through leadership and fellowship!

Successful RP/GOP clients will forever remain members of the Sobriety 1st family, and will be invited to all future Sobriety 1st special events and activities; honored as Sobriety 1st Alumni! The graduates of our program become shining examples to countless others. HOPE is where it starts!

Our center is conveniently located off I-225 and Iliff, just a few minute walk from the light rail station!


S1 CREW RECOVERY * 2121 S. Blackhawk Street, Suite 200S, Aurora, CO 80014 * 720-630-6771

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