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About Us

At Sobriety 1st, we take pride in providing our clients high-quality recovery services. It is our mission to bridge a safe and effective sobriety transition to our clients. Our staff is professional, courteous and efficient and look forward to hearing from you!

All of our programs are 12 step based and our mission is consistent. We do not judge anyone, we embrace everyone’s individual situation, background, upbringing and even their goals. We celebrate Holidays, host fun events and orchestrate fun contests. We participate in sports including softball with the TSRA (Twelve Step Recreation Association) Softball League, Kickball and volleyball through Aurora Rec. We do random contests, BBQ’s and recovery based events. In Sobriety 1st, we work hard and play hard in our recovery!

We base our programs on thick fellowship and support and encourage family activities. We do not allow the use of any narcotic prescription medications. We will soon be offering a nutritionist and homeopathic guidance for mostly all ailments.

Sobriety 1st Crew Recovery


Our Treatment Programs

Our day treatment, IOP and RP/GOP programs are designed for individuals who require a high level of therapeutic structure and accountability, but still want to enjoy the treatment process. We believe recovery HAS to be engaging and fun; yes, FUN! At Sobriety 1st Crew Recovery, we go beyond the confines of typical treatment programming and engage our clients in the same manner as which we would for ourselves, or our family members. 

Our staff is CACIII MAS certified and bring a great deal of diverse creativity to therapy programming. Our entire staff is compassionate and understanding. Treating substance abuse, dual diagnosis’, trauma and more. 

Sobriety 1st Sober Living


Our Sober Living Program

Sobriety 1st Sober Living provides gender-based affordable, beautifully furnished clean homes, fully structured, strict alcohol and drug-free environments that offer a positive place for adult peer group recovery support. Sobriety 1st housing promotes individual recovery by offering a solid environment that allows our residents to develop individual recovery programs and become self-supporting not only during their stay with Sobriety 1st, but to help sustain sobriety after they move on as well.

We are a 12 step based program with heavy accountability. We provide sober living for those who are solemn about their sobriety and staying on a sober path after a completed inpatient or day treatment program or minimum detox. We offer transportation to our treatment and IOP services who live in our Sober Living homes. Our staff works daily and one-on-one with individuals in each home, making efforts to ensure that each individual is making progress, getting the experience of what they hoped this transition would be and helping them with living skills and having fun.

We provide a zero tolerance environment, including but not limited to, substance abuse, theft, violence, threats of violence, fighting, harassment, theft, sex on the premises and unexcused absence or violation of curfews. We have a well-structured program where our residents must meet a healthy list of requirements to stay in our program. Those requirements include, but are not limited to, mandatory 12 step program of their choosing, acquiring a sponsor, passing random drug and alcohol screenings on a frequent basis including entry drug/alcohol screenings, attending mandatory AA, CA, NA etc. meetings daily for a minimum 90 days (there is no cap on length of stay as long as client is compliant), then a minimum of 4 meetings per week thereafter still working a 12 step program with a sponsor. There are curfews, chores, and clients must follow strict house rules and program requirements, practice healthy habits and behaviors, 2 mandatory house/program meetings per week, we provide guidance for employment, living skills, certified peer coaching etc. Clients must work, volunteer or attend an accredited school a minimum 30 hours per week by the 3rd week in our program. Included amenities of each home that are provided for are things like wifi, shared computer, landline telephone, cable television in common areas, smoking areas, linens, recreation team games (ping pong, weight equipment or fuzzball) and most importantly, family. We also support recycling disposables in our Sober Living program.

Sober Living Home Colorado
Sober Living Home Colorado
Sober Living Home Colorado