At Sobriety 1st Recovery Services we offer recovery housing in our sober living homes, day treatment, intensive outpatient (IOP), and relapse prevention programs to anyone seeking an unparalleled therapeutic treatment experience! Our philosophy is 12 Step based at our core; however, we pride ourselves in combining many different treatment models to fit individual needs. We believe that recovery from the grip of addiction and/or alcoholism has to be an individualized experience, and that there is no cookie-cutter path to long-term recovery.  We emphasize our focus on family systems, trauma, dual diagnosis, and attachments. 

Sobriety 1st Recovery Services provides fun and exciting, outside the box approach to early recovery! While attending our programs you will have the opportunity to develop healthy lifelong friendships and practice your tools learned from residential treatment.  Some of these tools include: Setting healthy boundaries, coping skills, accountability, self-worth, confidence, and humility. You will learn to have fun and live free without substances while building a solid recovery network.  Our programs will help you in establishing a strong foundation for the rest of your recovery journey. 

sober living homes Denver
sober living homes Denver
sober living homes Denver


Sobriety 1st is family owned and operated in Aurora, Colorado. Our goal is to encourage and inspire personal growth through genuine support, education and spiritual development. This has proven to be beneficial for maintaining sobriety for the lives of those who take the steps and make serious efforts to be free from addiction from all walks of life. 

  • If you have the willingness and desire to stay clean and sober

  • work a 12 step program and move your feet toward progress

  • we would love to have you join our family

Mission Statement

Sobriety 1st provides compassionate and balanced day treatment, IOP, Relapse Prevention and Sober Living services for those who struggle with substance abuse and need the supporting guidance to make treatment effective and fun. We offer a fun-loving lifestyle of recovery for those who have the desire to carry on their lives addiction free.

Sobriety and Support Among Our Community and to Help Those, Especially in our Phased Treatment Programs, Share Our Milestones in Long Term Recovery!

Our Mission is to provide a recovery-centered transition that guarantees a solid, safe and successful experience, for those who have the desire to carry on their lives addiction free, thus becoming an asset not only to themselves but to our community and society.

Some people in early recovery are not prepared or ready to go back home or back into the environments that may or may not have originally guided them to addiction. Sobriety 1st assists in one’s transition process from active addiction to treatment and/or sober living as they enter back into society at their own pace, helping lower risks of temptation with full program support and structured guidance.

sober living homes denver
sober living homes denver
sober living homes denver

Contact Us

At Sobriety 1st Recovery Services, our attentive staff is available seven days a week to answer all of your questions and ensure you are 100% satisfied. Complete either of our short forms below.

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